Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015 - White Haired and Victorious

Three years since my last post and I think life has been a lot of fun overall since then.  One thing I've noticed is that everything works better when you don't overthink it too much!  I've decided to write all new posts in 15 minutes or less... which is great, 'cuz my kiddo and I are heading out to an exercise class at 9... and it's 8:42.

Today I've been thinking about aging.  Why do I look so different at 39 than I did at 14?  Should I drink more water?  Work less?  Learn how to wear makeup?

Or maybe my aging face is a celebration!  I earned every single one of these lines in my forehead and every single white hair popping up on my head.  They are signs of victory - I am still here!

Last night my best friend told me how thrilled she is to age and to see our close friends age because she never thought she'd live past 27 and now here we are, nearly 40.

I'm so happy that she is here, that I am here, and that we're doing pretty well for ladies that may or may not be middle-aged.

I'm thinking a glass of wine with a side of laughter each night might actually help the cause...

Here's to life and new beginnings!