Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 11, 2011 ~ Day 33

Have you ever known someone with the ability to see or sense things intuitively? I know a few of these people and it never fails to amaze me. One of them is a close family member who I can call at any time if I have misplaced my keys or something important (a document, my purse, etc.) and that person can tell me exactly where my belongings are. As in, "I see your keys stuffed underneath a couch pillow toward the springs" and sure enough, when I go check, there they are.

I have another close friend that can tell what time of day it is at any given moment without looking at a watch, clock or the Sun.

I am not sure if intuitive gifts are a blessing or a curse. About a year ago I met a physician that confided in our conversation that since childhood she had been able to predict the exact date and time of people's deaths. "It's gotten stronger as I have grown older," she said, "And recently I've been able to guess not only the day but also the hour down to within ten minutes." (She thought I would live a long life, so I've got about sixty years left apparently to find out if she was right in my case or just a really creative and optimistic thinker.)

I left that appointment feeling grateful that I do not have her gift. It would be devastating to know the exact time and date that I was going to lose my mother, husband, siblings, close friends or children. Ignorance is bliss, as long as you live every day as though it *could* be the last... just so as not to waste any time with the ones you love.

I myself do not have the gift of a keen intuition, although I hear it can be honed or developed. However when I was younger - before the invention of Caller ID - I could always tell by the way my telephone rang who was on the other end of the line. I wonder if I could still do that these days, if I got really centered inside of myself. I guess I'll never know because we *do* have Caller ID now... so my own small intuitive skill has become obsolete thanks to modern technology.

If I had to ask myself what I think about a sixth sense or gift of intuition, I guess I do believe that there is some form of unspoken communication that all of us have the ability to tap into. I just don't know what it is or how it works.

Sometimes I dream about things before they actually happen, or I experience Déjà Vu where it feels like I'm in a place where I've been before. That is always the strangest feeling!

As a related aside, did you ever see Keanu Reeves' movie "The Matrix"? I liked how they explained Déjà Vu as an error in the computer run program of our lives:

Trinity: "A déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something."

There are a lot of inexplicable things in relationships, like the way you sometimes feel upon meeting someone for the first time that you've known them before. I once surprised an long-distance boyfriend for the weekend and weirdly he was already expecting me and had cleaned his room. "I had a feeling when I woke up this morning that I was going to be seeing you very soon," he explained.

Most mothers and fathers will also agree that parenting comes with a special kind of intuition... beyond just noticing when the house is suddenly too quiet. Just a few weeks ago I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach about my daughter and raced upstairs to find her standing fully clothed in the bathtub with hot water coming toward her toes. She started screaming as soon as she saw me (probably guessed she had done something naughty) but luckily she was totally unharmed. I don't understand how I knew that something was wrong. Somehow I just did.

I would be so interested to know what my friends, family and Readers think about the topic of intuition. We use the language of intuition frequently, for example, "My gut says that we should do it," or "I had the sense that something unfortunate was about to happen", but I'm not sure how many people really buy into an 'inner knowing' or the idea of a sixth sense. It would be fascinating to know if others have ever had interesting experiences with their own intuition!

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