Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22, 2011 ~ Day 224
Our Favorite Graffiti Artist

Lately, our home has been decorated by a unique artist fond of bold colors and large canvas creations who happens to make her dynamic art at moments when no-one is looking... perhaps because she knows that what she is doing is pretty innovative and really breaks the established rules.

We call her our mini GA (Graffiti Artist) and today, I will be interviewing two of the people closest to her to learn a bit more about her about her life and art.

Guest one, how do you know our secretive Graffiti Artist?

I am her older brother. I am six years old. I have actually seen her draw, using marker and chalk.

Guest two, what is your connection to the Graffiti Artist?

I know her from the park... no, actually I know her from home. I saw that she colored with pen on my wall!

So, G1... you say you've seen her in action. Please tell us more:

G1: She marks on our wall, and then runs with a pen and draws on our Daddy's wall.

G2: And then, she draws with crayon on the walls and Daddy's desk!

The artist sounds quite motivated. How would you describe her general personality?

G1: She is a naughty little girl. She is also very cute and friendly and she laughs. However, she is very naughty. She always laughs and giggles, but then she draws on the train table and the toys. She draws on framed pictures, too.

G2: She drawed on the side of the wall in Mommy and Daddy's room above the bed, to the side of the desk. Come and see!

Can either of you give our audience a physical description of the artist? What does she look like when she is drawing?

G1: She has light hair and she is very pretty. She is tall - well, tall for her age.

And, how old is that?

G1: She is two!

G2: And she puts paint on the wall!

About how often would you say that the artist "strikes" around your home?

G1: Twice a week? Two days.

G2: Yes. I agree.

Are her works of art permanent or temporary?

G1: What is permanent, Mommy? What is temporary?

(Permanent lasts forever, temporary can be changed.)

G1: When she uses chalk, we can get it off. With soft scrub we can get paint off the wall, and the crayon comes partly off of the white paint - but some of the crayon does not come off. Marker does not come off easily. Oooh yeah, and ink pen is the worst.

Where do you think the artist learned her technique?

G2: From us! Because we draw pictures, so she draws pictures.

Do you draw on the walls?

G1: No, we do not. We do not but SHE writes on the wall. And the bed. And the pillows and blankets.

G2: Also the tables, chairs and floors. And she she puts marker on the rug.

What do you think she intends to do with this art work, long term?

G2: We don't know.

Is she aware of the rules about graffiti art? Is she aware that it is illegal?

G1: Yes, she IS aware that it is illegal.

G2: But she thinks it is funny.

G1: Next time she makes a mark on the wall, we need to make a puffer face.

G2: No! We have to video tape her! We'll see her drawing on the wall, and then mommy can take a video. Mommy will videotape her.

Why would you document her work through videotaping?

G1: We want our Daddy to see her working.

Do you think she has a future in art?

G1: Yes, she really does.

G2: She could be in an art museum every day. She loves and loves to do art. Good thing that Mommy caught her with the art crayon in her hand.

Are you proud of her art?

G1: Yes
G2: No
G2: Yes

Do you have a name for the Graffiti Artist?

G1: I like to call her "The Destroyer!"
G2: "The Cactus Artist. Because there is a big lady that is in the desert that is an artist. Yeah. She draws inside a little thing that chalk is supposed to go on. Actually, not. It's like a thing that we have with finger clips to paint. And she was painting all over the cactus. It was a story, but it was actually real. So I call our artist the Cactus Artist."

Thank you both very much for your time today. To the best of your knowledge, where is the Graffiti artist now?

G1: She is asleep.
G2: She is napping. She is dreaming about drawing.

(Cries come from the direction of the slumbering artist.)

Shortly thereafter,

A brief interview with the Artist:

"Yeah. (Crying) I want my shoes. I want draw on the wall. Yep! Um, I draw with my princess."

What is your favorite part of drawing?

"I want to draw on the wall. Yep. Now I put on my shoes. Tada!!!"

And with that, she was gone... scampering away to plan her next installation.

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