Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21, 2011 ~ Day 254
Top 10 Things About Returning From A Child-Free Vacation

Top Ten Things About Coming Home From A Vacation Without Kids:

10) The half-naked child running toward you, grinning from ear to ear with arms outstretched as you walk in the front door, shouting, "Mama! I have poo-poo!" as though it is a precious gift she has been saving all weekend just to share with you.

9) Unpacking your small weekend bag (ok, large weekend bag in my case) and realizing, "Wow - I have an entire closet full of clothes! I have a washing machine! I can finally wash the sweater I've been wearing for the last 4 days!"

8) Comparing your monthly rent with the nightly rates California hotels charge for a room during the summer, and realizing that when looked at this way, you're actually getting a great deal! (In fact, maybe you should open a hotel!)

7) Noticing the sunny, breezy weather you typically take for granted.

6) Appreciating how lucky you are to have amazing local grandparents who actually love spending time with your wild little bunch of kiddos while you are out of town decompressing.

5) Enjoying the use of essential items you may have managed to forget at home during your vacation... like boxer shorts (my husband), dental floss (me)... and the cell phone charger (oops!)

4) Realizing that your children have saved up three days of tantrums just for YOU :-) Because you are special like that.

3) Knowing that tonight you will surely get a good night's sleep in your own bed away from the noise of other hotel guests... bad dreams and unexpected child illness permitting.

2) Basking in the love, smiles and hugs of the three cutest kids in the Universe ~ at least two of whom are genuinely thrilled to see you :-)

1) Remembering that if you keep working hard enough with a positive attitude (and stay on good terms with the babysitter!) you'll be able to enjoy another 'romantic' weekend getaway next year!

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