Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11, 2011 ~ Day 244
A New Start

I'm running behind on posts, a situation about which I feel both sad and acceptant. At the rate I am now going, there's going to be plenty of catchup to do to make sure that we end up as a family with 365 posts by December 10, 2011.

That said, there have been a lot of new developments and changes recently in my own day-to-day that at first shook me up and now have inspired me to reach an entirely new level of clarity.

In an nutshell, it was determined that I have a sulfite sensitivity or allergy. Sulfites are chemical additives used to preserve foods, and there are also many foods that contain their own sulfur (like eggs, for example). There are really three different types of allergies a person can have - sulfa drug allergies, allergy to sulfites, and allergy to sulfates.

I'm not sure yet exactly where I fall on the spectrum and have an appointment with my allergist to figure it all out.

Still, I've had a whole lot of hives, swollen lips and wheezing/coughing over the last few days and weeks - enough to make a girl worry more than usual.

So in a way, it is a relief to have found the culprit that ties it all together. In another way, I am totally overwhelmed to realize that I will have to change my entire diet again.

After digesting the situation (haha, forgive the bad pun!) I responded in my favorite way. Yes, you guessed it, I created a new blog!

Welcome to Tasty... and Sulfite Free! I am going to update this blog from time to time with information I collect about sulfites and a sulfite sensitivity; my personal experiences with this sulfite problem; and the recipes I create for myself to fill the major void that will now exist in my diet as I exclude sulfite containing foods.

This new blog joins my old blog, Tasty... and Gluten Free! in the ranks of recipe blogs for food allergy sufferers and the folks who love them.

Given that I already avoid gluten, most dairy and sugar, pretty soon I'm going to be sitting around with nothing to eat (or write about!) besides beef, chicken and fish! I'm laughing about this... sort of.

I'm excited about the new blog though, and about this opportunity to take lemon juice and make it into something better... something sulfite free!

They say 1 in 100 people have some form of sulfite sensitivity... so maybe some of my friends, family members or readers may ultimately benefit from the new blog. I won't be updating all the time, just when I can and when I have a good new recipe or tip to suggest.

In the end, I'm just grateful that there are many foods I can still eat. Food is such a social connecter, it really bonds people together. I have never felt more lonely or excluded in my life than during the five weeks last summer when I could not eat solid food with my friends and family.

So while we may no longer be able to break bread or drink wine together, I will be so happy to share my journey back to wellness... and even invite everyone over for some roast chicken with carrots and fresh potatoes.

In fact, I'm busy planning my first sulfite-free recipe right now!

Take care and much love to all.

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