Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15, 2011 ~ Day 68

I could not really be more ecstatic than I am at this moment. Today has been the best day I can recall having in months... despite the fact that I slept for all of 30 minutes last night. I am grateful!

First off, and most importantly by far, my dear friend has made it through her surgery and she is on the road to recovery and a long healthy life. Thanks so much to everyone who prayed for her today, I really believe in the power of prayer.

In fact, this same friend shared a fascinating detail about prayer on her blog before surgery today... that a friend of her mother-in-law's confided that after her own husband came out of surgery the doctors told her they they can always tell when people are praying for the person on the table because the operating room gets very hot. Whereas when a person has come in unexpectedly (as in an auto accident) and nobody is praying for them (because no-one knows they have been injured), the room stays very cold.

Anecdotal, sure - but fascinating! I'll bet that room was burning up today for my friend and her surgeons. I am overcome with joy that she made it through beautifully and I actually wept when my husband gave me the joyful news. The world is full of blessings today.

Next, and this is pretty important too ~ my eldest son had his first day of kindergarten at the new school today. On the way to the school in the morning he was hanging back, whimpering, putting his head in his hands and telling me quietly, "I don't want to go to school." I understood his hesitance and placed my faith in the notion that he would overcome this sorrow quickly, once the school day actually began.

I am not sure what inspired me to say it but just when he was feeling the worst I said, "Honey, why don't we make a pact. I promise that at ten o'clock I will think of you as hard as I possibly can, I will be sending you so much love. And at ten you can think of me as well and know that I am loving you." Somehow that seemed to calm him, the notion that his mother would be focusing hard on him halfway through his school day (it was a half-day). He agreed to the plan and walked into the school with greater confidence.

His new school seems great and I liked the teacher a lot. She seemed warm, caring and experienced. She went out of her way to make him feel at ease and I got the sense that the next three months would be a positive experience for him. Today was a special day full of electives - they had computer lab, library time, PE and an assembly at the auditorium. I wasn't sure how he would react to so much transition at once - would he shut down? Would it be too chaotic?

As you may imagine I was holding my breath all morning, waiting to pick him up. At ten o'clock, right on schedule, I sent him all of the love in the world. I made sure that his sister and I arrived right on time at the end of the day so he would not be left waiting for a moment. When I saw his face, my gut clenched as he seemed a bit sad or frustrated.

What JOY then, to have him hold up a small ticket in his hand and say, "MOMMY!!! LOOK WHAT I GOT!!! IT IS A STAR TICKET AND IF I EARN TEN OF THEM I GET TO HAVE A PRIZE!" He went on to tell me that he loved this new school much better than the old school and that he had a really good day.

Did you hear that?

My boy - the chronic curmudgeon who like to play "opposites" where when I say something positive, he says something negative - this same child said: "This is a really great school! I had a really good day!"

Even better, he did not fight with his little brother ONCE for the rest of the entire day. Not once! Not a single hit, slap, mean face, grumpy conversation, tantrum - nothing. In fact, he was an angel!

Which means, he is happy!!!

I have been going on gut instinct all throughout the past several months as I looked for a life path and community and home for our family. This son has been at the center of every one of my prayers, as I have hoped that I could find him a place where he could grow and thrive that would suit his interests and where he could make real friends. After ten minutes viewing this school last month, I had decided 100% that this was the community for us. What a relief, what a stupendous relief to know that my gut instinct was right and he is actually comfortable and excited about the school.

In fact, our entire family is happy. I myself haven't been this happy in a long time. What a joy to say that and MEAN IT.

This afternoon it rained in our city and I looked into our verdant back yard and watched the trees and grass soaking up every drop. It was a gentle, peaceful rain and I could tell that the dry soil was happy to drink deeply of the moisture.

Today life rained happiness on me, a gentle and peaceful happiness. I didn't realize until now how dry I myself had become deep within my being. This wonderful day is such a gift to me. Like the earth I am soaking it all up and loving every second. I think I'll be blooming again soon.

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  1. Oh I love this! I am so happy for you and so proud that you followed your heart and love your new home!!